48V series battery module
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  1. Product Features:(特点)
  Simple modeling, stylish, generous;
  Plug and Play, achieve seamless joint with lead-acid battery shell, green and environmentally-friendly;
  Modular design, conducive to production and maintenance;
  Professional circuit protection technology, stable and reliable;
  Super-long service life, good environmental adaptation;
  Compatible with a variety of battery cases
  2. Advantages(优势)
  Li-ion (Lithium-ion) batteries have the following advantages in comparison with other older battery technologies:
  Longer Lifetime = more cycles!
  Lighter in weight: 3xlighter than lead-acid batteries
  Better for the environment than lead-acid: ECO friendly
  The complete battery capacity is available (no memory-effect)
  The lithium-ion battery packs are available in LiFePO4 or in LiMnO2 technology. This means that the battery is assembled with battery cells of the following chemical technology:
  LiFePo4=Lithium Iron Phosphate
  Longer Lifetime:2000 cycles (80%DOD)
  Smaller energy density
  Very safe in use
  NCM=Nickel cobalt manganese
  Lighter in weight
  Lifetime:800 cycles (80% DOD)
  Higher energy density
  3. Product Parameters:(产品参数)

    4. Application Fields(应用领域)
     Electric bicycles, etc.

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