E series battery module
From:Benke      Updated: 2018-01-06 11:14:12

  1. Product Features:(特点)
  Super-long cycle life;
  Excellent voltage stability;
  Voltage range: 12V-700V;
  Automatic inter-module equalization and module internal equalization functions;
  Monitor communication data through a battery management system;
  Firm mechanical design;
  Flame retardant plastic;
  LED battery status indicator;
  In line with BCI size standard
  2. Advantages(优势)
  Super-long cycle life
  Excellent voltage stability
  Standard module solutions can meet most voltage and capacity requirements
  LED screen battery management unit is optional
  3. Product Parameters:(产品参数)


       4. Application Fields(应用领域)
  Electric car ,robots, maritime affairs, industry and storage fields.